Code of Conduct

Southern Shore Yacht Club


The Southern Shore Yacht Club (SSYC or Club) is a powerboating organization in Chicago, IL, which enjoys a reputation driven by our club values. This Code of Conduct is designed to ensure a safe and friendly environment in which all members demonstrate respect for themselves and others. Everyone, whether a member, guest, employee, or volunteer has a duty to ensure that they cause no adverse impact on anyone else as a result of their actions.

Membership of SSYC is a privilege that carries with it a responsibility to uphold our reputation at every opportunity, and not to engage in any conduct that would reflect poorly on the Club and/or our Members, or that is contrary to the rules, regulations, and by-laws of SSYC. All persons using the club facilities must behave in a manner that facilitates, enhances, and reinforces our reputation as an inclusive and welcoming organization.

Within this Code of Conduct the term “Member” includes all members, guests, employees, volunteers, and service providers of the Southern Shore Yacht Club. On becoming a Member of SSYC or upon the renewal of membership, each Member shall be bound by the present Code of Conduct which may be amended from time to time. Each Member shall be liable to the consequences of a breach of the Code of Conduct.

Key Principles

Membership of SSYC is a privilege that must be safeguarded by the following principles:

  • The Southern Shore Yacht Club seeks to operate in an environment where people show respect for others and their property. Respect is defined as consideration for the well-being of another’s person, feelings, and possessions, to ensure no damage or deprivation is caused to any of them.
  • The Southern Shore Yacht Club seeks to operate in an environment, which is free from harassment. Harassment is defined as any action directed at an individual or group, which creates a hostile, intimidating or offensive environment.
  • The Southern Shore Yacht Club seeks to operate in a non-discriminatory environment. This means that every Member shall have an equal opportunity and shall receive fair treatment in accordance with the law as well as the Club by-laws, rules, and regulations.

Member Conduct

Southern Shore Yacht Club expects members to conduct themselves according to the following club values:

  • Members should be mindful of their actions in relation to individual safety and the safety of all others involved in the Club, engaged in club activities, or utilizing Club facilities. All should abide by directives from the Board of Directors, Employees and the Chicago Park District.
  • Courtesy must be shown to all Members while engaging in Club activities and/or upon Club grounds. All persons should be treated with respect, dignity and properly regard their rights and obligations. Members should respect the privacy of others and not disclose to any unauthorized person or organization anything that is of a confidential or privileged nature.
  • Members should demonstrate awareness of individual rights, opinions, and beliefs. Members should exhibit no prejudicial behavior towards the club or other Members. SSYC is an organization free from discrimination, abuse, harassment, ridicule, or embarrassment amongst Members.
  • Members are responsible for their own actions and the actions of their guests. Members should only represent the club in outside dealings when authorized to do so.
  • Members must conduct themselves in a socially acceptable and proper manner, so as not to bring themselves into public disrepute or censure. Members should demonstrate acceptable social behavior while at the club, interacting or attending Club events. All local, federal, state and municipal laws should be followed by Members at all times. Southern Shore Yacht Club Members will not assault or act with aggression towards any other person.


Parents and guardians shall always be responsible for the behavior of their children on Club premises, including the harbor and parking areas. Parents and guardians of children whose behavior is socially unacceptable shall be requested to remove them from Club’s premises.

Club Property

 Southern Shore Yacht Club has assets both on and off the water for the enjoyment of all members.

  • Club assets will be respected in the same manner as personal property.
  • Intentional damage of assets is a direct violation of this Code of Conduct and may result in disciplinary action.
  • Accidents occur; Members should report damage to property immediately to Club staff.
  • Damage by a Member will be repaired by the Club. The Member will have to reimburse the Club for the expense.


The Southern Shore Yacht Club Leaders (Board of Directors, Employees, Committee Chairs and Service Providers) shall hold themselves to a higher standard of conduct as leaders of the organization and exemplify good conduct and a Corinthian spirit.

  • When acting on behalf of SSYC, Leaders shall refrain from placing themselves in a position wherein their ability to objectively perform their duties has been compromised or appears to be compromised.
  • Leaders shall disclose any conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interest that may arise from their execution of club business.
  • Leaders are fiduciaries of the club and as such shall execute their duties in the best interests of the Club even when that interest may conflict with their own personal interest.
  • Leaders shall not use any property, asset, or information of SSYC or any position of authority for personal or financial gain.
  • Conflicts and violations these duties by a Leader shall be reported to the Board of Directors.

Violations and Repercussions

Breaches of this code of conduct may be considered Improper Conduct under Section 14 of the Southern Shore Yacht Club’s bylaws and may result in an investigation and disciplinary action as outlined in the bylaws. Below is a guideline for evaluation of the breach of conduct to aid in evaluation by the Board. The Board of Directors may choose to follow this guideline or assign their own repercussions as they deem necessary. Nothing in this Code of Conduct is to contradict the bylaws of Southern Shore Yacht Club.

Class A Violation – Egregious, willful and/or repeat misconduct resulting in injury, damage to property or unlawful behavior shall result in termination of a membership and reporting of unlawful behavior.

Class B Violation – Willful misconduct resulting in injury, damage to property or unlawful behavior shall result in censure, including: reprimand, probation, a written apology, reporting of unlawful behavior and possible fine. Leaders found to perpetrate a Class B violation should be removed from their position. Multiple Class C Violations may be considered a Class B Violation.

Class C Violation – Negligent or willful misconduct in contravention of this Code of Conduct shall result in reprimand of the Member and written apology.

The Board of Directors

Southern Shore Yacht Club

August, 2021